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FFP2 Mask Manufacturer Germany

FFP2 Mask Manufacturer Germany

As Medizer, with our experienced staff during the pandemic period, we sent our masks to many countries of the world with our state of the art machines. Now we want to work for  you. We have always produced high quality and always good products with the understanding that turns the mask into fashion. We haven't been the best-selling mask, but we think we're perhaps one of the best masks. With our retail sales reaching 1.000.000 packages, many people have tested and 100.000 people  have interpreted our product from retail sales. With a product average of 4.8, it became one of the best mask manufacturers. We are aware of our responsibility as an FFP2 mask manufacturer and medical mask manufacturer. The best manufacturer Medizer to buy masks wholesale. With our daily production capacity of 200.000 FFP2 masks and 400.000 medical masks, we ship to Germany on a weekly basis. If you want we can produce your products with our brand Medizer or Qzer or with your own brand (PL).

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FFP2 Mask Wholesale Germany

Do you want to produce FFP2 masks, are you looking for a good mask production company? Then you are browsing the right page. As PrizmaNet Medical, we produce the best products for you. We are ready to offer you not only a good mask in the products you will produce, but also the most adventageous offers in packaging and transportation. We have a good deals on shipping from Turkey to Germany which is organized every week.

You can get the best prices for FFP2 mask production Germany from us. By taking advantage of these, we can ship your masks as soon as possible. We are renewing our work every day in order to produce the most advantageous numbers as parcels and boxes.

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We care about our health. For this reason, we realize that there are very many sensitive points when applying both what the medical environment says and our own methods that we developed. Especially when we think that our anxiety has increased with the pandemic and that we have started to become conscious about certain issues, we see that some things have a great place in our lives. One of them is the use of medical masks, which existed before, but occupies a large place in our lives with Covid-19. As a Medizer, we must state that we care about your health. We aim to produce the best for you. We act with a working principle based on customer satisfaction. That’s why we continue to work meticulously. We maintain our global presence, and we produce in Europe and therefore in Germany. In short, when it comes to wholesale mask Germany, we offer you the quality you need and seek.


Covid-19, which has taken the world under its influence, has affected humanity both economically and socially, and still continues to affect it. It is seen that quarantine processes are still continuing in some countries and the measures are continuing. Covid-19 which was not fully informed at first, had many question marks in people’s minds about the ways of protection from the disease and the treatment process of the disease. Experts also needed a certain amount of time to thoroughly research the disease and develop something beneficial for humanity. However, from the moment the pandemic process started, there were 3 precautionary methods that experts focused on. Hygiene, distance and mask. From this point on, masks have started to take a big place in our lives. So much  so that if we proceed through Germany, the Germany FFP2 mask manufacturer has now taken its place as a key name in the pandemic process in the country.

Wholesale Mask Maker

As one of the important names of the sector, the Medizer family is proud of being in a respected position in the world in the field of Turkish mask manufacturer.  Medizer, one of the sub brand of PrizmaNet Medical, carries  out its activities in related fields such as the production of medical masks and FFP2 masks in Germany.

Medizer in Wholesale Mask Production

For Medizer, a mask  is more than many things. That’s why wholesale masks offer high quality by using “Full Ultrasonic Single Machine Technology” in Germany production. In  addition, our company, which shows great sensitivity in the packaging as well as the production of the masks,has designed the packaging in the most sterile way. Our target audience  is not only the medical community, we also offer our products to the end user.  Our masks, which we produce with Meltblown and Spunbond fabrics, have the feature of protecting you at  a rate of 98.6 % and are products that you can use safely. While Type IIR standards are only given to the health sector, our products with these features come to the fore with their protective feature for you. They are masks with high protective qualities that you can use with peace of mind. When we think that the pandemic period also affects people psychologically, as Medizer, we produce colorful and stylish patterned masks for you, as your happiness will be our happiness. We also produce wholesale children’s masks for children affected by the process as much as adults. We create designs for them that are a harmonious combination of colors and patterns. Thus, we aim to make the process less stressful for them, and we want to prevent their imagination from being restricted. When we look at the masks produced by our expert team with the latest technology during the pandemic period, our priority is your health and happiness, while offering them to use in many countries of the world. In short, we produce for the whole world. We produce the best masks for you by preserving the sense of fashion. Thus, we bring color and pattern to the masks, and we wish to alleviate the visual effects  of the stressful pandemic process. If we look  at it from a statistical point of view, thanks to our users, we have seen once again that we are good at our job with our sales reaching a million packages and the number of responses we have received reaching hundreds of thousands. In this respect, we continue on our way with confident steps with the strength we receive from you. 

While our production capacity exceeds hundreds of thousands, we are working diligently to be the right address for you.  We carry out our production with fully automatic machines in our 2000m2  production site.

We also attach importance to R&D studies as we perform necessary  fabric analyzes during our production in world standards. We would also like to state that designs in question belong to us, while we are advancing in the fashion sense. We also do the printing of these patterns. We achieve quality standards with our expert team not only in patterned masks but also in monochrome masks. In this respect, we are confident in ourselves as a Germany mask manufacturer.

 FFP2 Mask and Features

We produce wholesale disposable 3-layer face masks, also known as medical masks, as well as wholesale FFP2 masks, which are called 5-layer masks. In medical masks, we use Spunbond fabric in the lower and upper layers, while we use Meltblown type fabric in the middle layer. Meltblown is also a locally produced certified fabric, and it is a kind of fabric that we use in medical masks and FFP2 Mask as well.

N95/FFP2 Mask Production

The type of mask mentioned in relation to Germany is the mask that protects the wearer from dust particles and liquid  substances, and is called the best protection by many experts. These masks have B+C2 test reports and ISO and CE certificates, with bacteria filtration efficiency of 99%. They can be used with peace of mind in cases of infection. Again, it has 100% micro polyester features and has the characteristics of 6 mm wide 1x3.5 elastic ear rubber. PP double wing wide wire and reliable printing technology are other distinguishing features. With all these features, it is a popular product in the wholesale disposable mask sector. For this reason, wholesale mask suppliers, as the supplier at a point where demand increases, attach importance to these masks. We can list other distinctive features of these masks as follows:

  • It provides 5-layer protection as it is 5-layered.
  • It is specially designed for your comfort with its adjustable nose wire.
  • It has anti-allergenic properties.
  • Again, it prevents droplets.
  • It has antimicrobial properties.
  • It prevents dusts.
  • It has a breathable to use and has been specially designed for your comfort as stated.
  • It also has a water resistant feature.
  • It is skin friendly and you can use it easily.

Medizer Mask Brand Series

Another advantage we offer as Medizer is for corporate companies. Our brand series contains many features in itself and is CE-ISO and UTS certified. It is 100% micro polyester and has 3mm diameter, 1x2.5 flexibility and 8 needle thread, PP double wing wide wire. Again, printing technology that is not harmful to health is used. In this respect, it has managed to become a series preferred by brands. Although the medical mask is thought to be included in our lives with the pandemic, it was a product that was used before. It was used by patients at risk of infection or people with infectious diseases. If the pandemic is over, it will continue to be used for other purposes and will continue to take its place on the shelves as products of an open sector. However, it must be admitted  that it has experienced a great explosion in terms of use with the pandemic. So much so that the wholesale mask manufacturer has experienced situations where it could not keep up with the demand from time to time. Even in this process, many companies have turned to the mask sector. In this period, when the effects  of the pandemic continue, the use and production of masks seems to continue.

As a result, Medizer, which continues to work globally, continues to work rapidly when the mask and especially FFP2 mask production is in Germany. We should state that Medizer did not exist during the pandemic process, and has taken its place in the sector with its experience of about 10 years. In this respect, it is a company that prioritizes quality with its expert team and professional production process, and works for the best when it comes to being a German mask manufacturer.

If you want to work with Medizer, which is a part of PrizmaNet Medical family and a respected brand specialized in its field, you can contact us via our contact information. Again, you can contact us for all your questions and information.