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As Prizmanet, which produces and sells medical products with our Medizer brand, we understand your condition best. Our brand "Medizer", which is one of the sub-brands of our company PrizmaNet Medical, includes many health product as well as the production and sales of medical masks and N95/FFP2 masks. High quality "Full Ultrasonic Single Machine Technology" is used in mask production. Our Mask packaging designs are designed to protect the masks in the most sterile way.

We presented our masks, which we put on the market with the Medizer brand, not only for the medical world, but also for end users with pleasure. Our masks, which we have produced with Meltblown fabrica since the beginning of the pandemic time, are features that will protect you from %98,6 viruses. We aimed to make you feel happy while wearing our masks, which are only given to the health sector, which carry the Type 2R standars, also by coloring them with many different patterns.

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