Purpose of Wholesale N95 mask

To produce high quality products that are competitive with the world in accordance with the needs of our country and our customers in the medical sector.

To carry Medizer to the highest level beneficial to humanity with different business models as a mask manufacturer .

Medizer was established to be beneficial to people and to contribute to health sector and the economy of our country. Our company produces masks with its expert staff, hygiene rules and environmental awareness.

Our mission is to be one of the leading companies as Turkish mask producer and the World among the mask producing companies of our country.

As a mask manufacturer, we produce +10 colored masks, +80 adults masks with pattern options, +25 children’s masks with pattern options and N95 masks with +20 pattern options.We use high quality 85gr, 90gr,95gr meltblown fabrics that are easier to breathe in our surgical masks.

Our vision is to produce high quality products, suitable for the needs and to be a universal company.We work with the aim of being a company that values its customers, that is reliable, respected, obeying the laws.

The priority of the medizer brand is the production of medical masks and N95 masks.
With the covid 19 pandemic, there is no more thing we routinely do .

Wearing a Turkish mask producer

The first medical mask in history is beak-shaped and was worn during the 1656 plague. Also the person who made the use of surgical masks widespread is Dr.Wu Lien Teh.

In order to prevent the epidemic,he made masks with increased air filtering features with cotton filled gauze.Dr. Wu’s mask could be made by hand using cheap and easily available materials,it soon became widespread and contributed to the end of the plague epidemic.Masks made of synthetic materials were introduced in the1960s.

Filters were placed on these masks,which had different types such as FP and N.The filters were filtering not only the outgoing breathe but also the incoming air.

From the past to the present, a lot of progress has been made in the production of masks.As a result of these stages in mask production, the Medizer brand has reached world standards.Medizer, does a quality job from the supply of the product to its delivery to the end user.

Test report 

The company which has a B+C2 test report,can produce up to 500 000 units a day.Thus, proving that it manufactures under extremely safe and health conditions.They have made themselves a well-known name with their experience in the N95 mask and medical mask trade.

Our masks, which are currently produced in full automatic machines in an area 2000metrekare. An expert team is working in our facility and masks produced from two different types of fabrics:Spunbond and Meltblown.

All of our printed masks are made of 95g Meltblown fabric.The N95 is the USA equivalent of the European. Masks are used to control infection.N95s provide the best protection against covid19.If you are a company that produces masks, you need to obtain the necessary documents and permits.

There are some legal obligations in the production of masks. First of all, they need to register through the product tracking system. They must pass the test by approved organizations.

Some of the documents that manufacturers should obtain are as follows :

  • CE mark-(necessary)
  • ISO Quality certificate
  • EC Documents

İt is obligatory to obtain permission from the Ministry of Family, Work and Social Services for the production of surgical masks.