Heroes of the Pandemic Process
With the onset of the pandemic process, the masks that come into our lives have to be used in all areas of life. The use of masks in short or long-term outings, crowded environments, work and school life is mandatory. As a result, the rush to access the good and high quality mask has begun. Everyone wants to use quality masks. In this case, you can rely on the Medizer brand. The company produces both surgical masks and n95 masks with many years of experience.

Standard Thickness
Mask production has many tricks. Not every mask will be used and does not provide adequate protection for masks produced below standards. Every person uses the mask to protect themselves from disease. Masks used to protect against disease should be quality production masks that provide real protection. The company is one of the leading companies that always produces the best in the pandemic process. It produces first quality masks in the production of both surgical masks and n95 masks. The masks it produces are masks that comply with world standards. The surgical masks produced by the company are three-layer high-protection masks.

Clean Production
In addition to the production of a mask in accordance with standards, it is important in clean production. Masks produced in dusty and dirty places can cause different lung diseases in later processes due to dust inhaled when used. Aware of the sensitivity of this situation, the company produces its masks in accordance with hygiene conditions and applies pre-use disinfection. The company, which provides trainings to its employees in this regard, works with a professional team. Employee trainings are frequently repeated in line with cleanliness and correct production, and the masks produced are packaged correctly. In addition, the company manufactures for wholesale mask sales.

Comfortable Operation

Long-term mask use causes undesirable side effects. Earache and headache are the main ones. Masks that are attached to the ears for a long time also cause pity, pain and payment in the ears caused by the nonconformity of production. Accordingly, headaches occur in the following hours. Aware of this situation, the company produces the ear mask length of the masks it produces to the standards and both ear lengths are produced in equal sizes. The material attached to the ear is used from a special and sensitive fabric. Thus, users do not experience pain and pain even after long hours.
Address of the trust
In the pandemic process, the right mask means trust.
The reasons are;
• Masks that are not produced under favorable conditions do not protect sufficiently and constitute a disease factor.