What mask should we use to deal with Omicron strain?


Corona virus enters body cells with the help of a protein called spike and causes covid-19 disease. About 30 or more changes in the spike protein have been identified in the omicron type, twice as many mutations as in the delta type. All of these mutations are in the area where the corona virus attaches to the human body cell, enters it and causes infection. Mutations in this region of the virus can cause the immune system (i.e. antibodies made after vaccination or previous infection) to recognize the virus less than before, increasing the risk of infection with Omicron.


At least a three-layer surgical mask should be used, of course you can use a cloth mask over it, but do not use a cloth mask alone. Ideally, in crowded places, a mask (N95) should be used.

These masks have special fit and materials such as polypropylene fibers that act as mechanical and electrostatic barriers and prevent small particles from entering the nose or mouth.A new study has also shown that the risk of infection for a person who uses these masks is only 0.4%.

The N95 mask fits perfectly on the skin and does not create any gaps. With its high transmissibility, Omicron  has changed the way to protect against this disease. A good mask is one change that should be used along with vaccinations, social distancing and ensuring good ventilation.

With its high transmissibility, Omicron  has changed the way to protect against this disease.


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Do you need an N95 mask to protect yourself from Omicron? (And what you need to know if you have one)

A properly worn N95 respirator can filter out up to 95% of particles in the air, thanks to its tight fit and synthetic material, which is made up of a web of tiny fibers charged with electrostatic energy. With the Omicron variant continuing to surge into January, you may have noticed more people opting to wear an N95 mask . Studies have found that N95 masks help protect the wearers as well as people around them from the virus that causes Covid-19.


How many times can we use N95?

N95 masks should be used once, but if you have to reuse these masks, according to the advice of experts, it can be placed in a paper bag in a room temperature and dry environment for a few days, so that all possible infections on it disappear. N95s are effective because they create a seal that reduces the respiration of N95 per cent of respiratory particles of a certain size.


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