With the epidemic that has started in our country, the importance and prevalence of mask use has increased. It is necessary to use the best and best quality of masks, which are obligatory to be used almost all over the world. Many companies produce masks. Many masks produced correctly or incorrectly have been released. Medizer company should be the address of those who are looking for the right mask and want to buy masks wholesale. The company that produces the quality of the mask and the one that does not tire during use is one of the first companies doing first-class work in the sector.

Wholesale Mask

You can sell masks from people working in businesses that buy wholesale masks or in your own workplace. As Medizer, we manufacture and sell wholesale masks. The masks we produce are in accordance with the quality standards, the Ministry of Health. There are many types of masks, which are normally sold at our own age, on how they are visible in each and every part. Our masks are a quality product range with both fabric and general design structure. Private corporate companies are in wholesale. Masks are given to certain rules for employee protection and system training in corporate companies. These masks are made to be used using . You can also buy wholesale mask to protect those you keep under control with tools at your own workplace.

Wholesale Surgical Mask

You can purchase wholesale surgical masks through our website or by contacting us through our communication channels. Surgical mask is a type of mask that is used on a daily basis, more commonly known as a white mask. There are black, blue, green, pink and white color options in our surgical mask production. The type of fabric used in all color options is of the same quality. Rope or rubber is used for the ear part of the masks. The product used in the threaded mask is produced in a way that does not hurt the ear and provides full grip. In the elastic mask, quality rubber is used that will not hurt the neck and nape. Our surgical masks are produced as 3-ply masks. Each layer has its own unique structure and function. There is no fabric on the top, the outermost layer, and there is a filter that prevents the formation of condensation. In the middle layer, there is a high density meltblown filter fabric that is melted. In the inner, the last layer, there is soft spunbond fabric. Here, the main task is undertaken by the middle layer. The fabric in the middle layer must be a meltblown fabric type suitable for filtration. Otherwise, it will not protect you from the virus.

Wholesale Kids Mask

Wholesale kid's masks are generally purchased by businesses such as playgrounds, kindergartens and educational institutions. In order to protect the health of children in public areas, such institutions or organizations can distribute masks. Especially in children, the wearing time of masks is less than in adults. Because children can take off the mask when they are uncomfortable, or they can drop the masks because they are constantly on the move. At such times, most institutions or organizations should have spare masks available to continue protecting children from the virus.

By purchasing Medizer kid's masks in bulk, you can get the quality more economically and easily protect the health of children. Wholesale;

•Colorful kid's mask

•Surgical kid's mask

• Patterned kid's mask

Wholesale Mask Sales

Our company is among the well-known brands in Turkey in both wholesale and normal mask sales. All of the masks we produce have certain features. These features are;

•The mask used does not sweat the fabric and does not irritate the skin.

• It has a practical and easy use.

• Mask sizes are made to suit everyone.

• All masks are produced as 3 layers.

• Masks can be made optionally from spunbond or meltblown fabrics known as special fabrics.

• Ultrasonic sewing method is used in masks.

• In mask packaging, packaging is done according to the seller's request. Masks are packaged as 5 or 10.

• All the masks we produce have TIP IIR certificate.

All of our surgical mask types are produced in accordance with hospital use.

• The quality and structure of the products we use provide 98.7% protection from viruses.

You can buy wholesale masks on our website, and you can easily contact us for your special mask production requests from the information on our contact page.

Thick and Suitable Material
Nowadays, everyone can produce surgical masks and sell masks. This does not mean that every mask produced is duly produced and does not harm human health. The masks we use to protect against disease and stay healthy can sometimes be harmful to health. This varies depending on the material used in the production of masks and the stages that that mask passes during production. The main goal of the company is to comply with the rules in the production of masks and not to endanger human health. The masks they produce are both completely covering the human face and preventing air intake from the outside and are produced from the appropriate material. The company, which is aware that lung infections may occur in the long term when the correct mask is not used, monitors public health. Surgical masks are made of three layers and thick medical fabric. The n95 mask produced by the company is a high-protection mask that can be used at the patient’s head in accordance with world standards.

Non-Stinging Ear Straps
The main factor that reduces the use of masks is the ear strap lengths of the masks. Since masks have to be used throughout the day, they should have an ergonomic structure suitable for the human face. In particular, this reason reduces the rate of surgical mask use. Mask hangers that hurt the ears for a long time cause pain in the auricles and payment. Over time, this earache turns into headache and eye pains. The company, which attaches importance to public health, serves the society with masks in ergonomic production suitable for the human face. Whether you buy masks in retail or wholesale, each mask is the highest quality mask in the market produced within the framework of standards.

Surgical and N95 Mask
Surgical masks are preferred by society in daily use, while n95 masks are preferred by our altruistic health army in hospital environments. Serving both the community and the health army, the company produces airtight n95 masks from world-class material with health workers in mind. The masks it produces are preferred by medical and hospitals.

Affordable Price and Clean Workmanship

As well as the suitability of a mask, it is also important that its price and workmanship are clean.
-The mask produced in clean environments does not cause lung diseases in the future.
-Masks sold with an affordable price policy are easy to access and use becomes more widespread.
-Masks produced in clean areas are preferred by everyone.
The above items are some of the policies that the company implements to promote accessibility.