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Protective masks are important in the event of a health crisis. Indeed, we have noticed that in the event of a virus transmissible by droplets or even by air, protecting the face is a priority. Indeed, viruses such as Coronaviruses are highly contagious and transmission is very rapid from one individual to another.

We are talking about human-to-human transmission which is established by the droplet route. That is to say, coughing, sneezing and hands soiled by these droplets are the sources of contamination and transmission from one person to another.

Thus, even if security measures can be taken such as social distancing and the prohibition of contact between individuals, these precautions are good actors in slowing down transmission but are not sufficient to break the chains of contamination. Thus, wearing a mask can be interesting if it is generalized to all people.


During the COVID-19 pandemic we are all learning all about disposable face masks. At Moss we did a deep dive into why they are designed the way they are, why they use the materials they use and most importantly—how they protect us.

Follow these guidelines to properly wear and remove  your face mask :

Wholesale disposable mask

wholesale mask maker

This influx of needs is leading mask wholesalers to greatly increase their ranges and quantities available for purchase in order to meet the explosion in demand, whether by individuals, businesses or even the medical profession.

In addition, wearing a mask can be useful in everyday life for people vulnerable to pollution or to the microbes with which we come into contact every day.

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