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20 Oct Which type of face mask is best for travel ?
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Best Face Masks to Use for Travel in 2021 A respiratory face mask is essential for travel, especially when traveling by public transport. Here are some of the most convenient choices. You may be eag..
01 Oct How to  Use Your Face Mask?
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How To Use Your Surgical Mask? Whether you wear disposable masks or respirators, face masks have become an important part of our lives. Wearing a face mask is a simple measure that can help prevent C..
20 Aug Types of masks for dentists
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Types of masks for dentists In July 2020, the World Health Organization officially announced the mode of transmission of the Covid-19 disease through aerosols. Before that, several studies had proved ..
18 Jun Common Questions about Kids & Face Masks
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How masks affect breathing One of the earliest concerns that parents had about kids wearing masks all day was how it might affect their breathing—whether masks would allow them to get enough oxygen o..
10 Jun People at higher risk for COVID-19 virus
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People at higher risk for COVID-19 virus Some people are more likely to become very sick with COVID-19  People who are older  People with certain medical conditions  Pregnant and recently pregnant pe..
18 May Which face mask is suitable for your company
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Which face mask is suitable for your companyFace masks and respiratory masks have been part of our everyday life since 2020 and are considered one of the most important measures to combat the pandemic..
17 May A Comparison of Respiratory Masks and Surgical Masks
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A comparison of respiratory masks and surgical masksAt first glance, some disposable respiratory masks (particulate masks) look very similar to many surgical masks/face masks. As a result, there is so..
04 Apr Disposable surgical masks
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Disposable surgical masks for preventing surgical Surgical face masks were originally developed to contain and filter droplets containing microorganisms expelled from the mouth and pharynx of healthca..
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