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14 Jun Can a Surgical Mask Be Cleaned And Reused?
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Can a surgical mask be cleaned and reused? Health authorities say the most widespread anti-COVID weapon—surgical masks—must be thrown away after a single use, but environmental concerns are pushing so..
10 Jun People at higher risk for COVID-19 virus
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People at higher risk for COVID-19 virus Some people are more likely to become very sick with COVID-19  People who are older  People with certain medical conditions  Pregnant and recently pregnant pe..
06 Jun How to buy disposable face masks, according to medical experts
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Buy Disposable Surgical Face Masks These disposable masks can filter large droplets produced by someone coughing or talking loudly near you, and have a moisture repellent outer layer, but they are le..
06 Jun wholesale mask maker
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Wholesale disposable maskProtective masks are important in the event of a health crisis. Indeed, we have noticed that in the event of a virus transmissible by droplets or even by air, protecting the f..
31 May The anti-projection mask (of the
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The anti-projection mask (of the "surgical" type) Wholesale surgical mask. Intended to avoid during the expiration of the wearer, the projection of secretions from the airways or saliva that may conta..
17 May A Comparison of Respiratory Masks and Surgical Masks
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A comparison of respiratory masks and surgical masksAt first glance, some disposable respiratory masks (particulate masks) look very similar to many surgical masks/face masks. As a result, there is so..
12 Apr 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Face Mask
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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Face Mask There are considerable differences in the quality of disposable face masks. We show what you have to pay attention to! Don't fall for cheap goods, but focus on..
04 Apr Disposable surgical masks
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Disposable surgical masks for preventing surgical Surgical face masks were originally developed to contain and filter droplets containing microorganisms expelled from the mouth and pharynx of healthca..
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