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Qaro KF94 FFP2 Mask

Medizer Qaro KF94 masks are also known as Korean Type. It has 4 layers, 2 layers of Meltblown fabric. It provides high-rate protection with its 4-layer protection.
Qaro KF94 FFP2 Mask Box
10 pcs box
Medizer Qaro KF94 FFP2 masks are packed in boxes of 10. Masks are packaged individually with transparent gelatin. It is then placed in the mask box. In this way, maximum hygiene is provided.

Wholesale KF94 face Mask

The KF94 mask features a tent-like shape that creates a little bit of extra space between the mask and your mouth. It combines the features of cloth and N95 masks.

KF94s are made of 4 layers of non-woven material. The outer layers create a barrier to capture large and small particles, while the innermost layer sits soft against the skin. Each mask includes a bendable nose strip to ensure a tight fit.


Medizer wholesale KF94 face Mask  :

As we all know by now, no mask is effective if your kid won’t wear it, or if air escapes easily around it. Fit and comfort are super important here. The KF94 masks have two features that make them a great chh is good news for kids who wear glasses; and the shape of the mask itself, with the wide and flat horizontal band of material across the mouth, is also quite comfortable for kids and adults. It feels like you have more space to breathe and talk, even though the mask is snug around the sides. When my son wore his, it didn’t wind up slightly soggy at the end of the day (ick!), the way his cloth masks often do.
oice for your kids: The flexible nose clip allows for a close fit up top, whic


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While you may not have heard of KF94 masks before, they’re a great option if you can’t find the better known N95 respirators. KF94 masks were actually developed in South Korea during the SARS outbreak of the early aughts. There are many Chinese counterfeits that share the boat-style construction and may even claim to be a KF94, though, so buyer beware. 

To ensure you don’t buy a fake KF94 mask, we’ve collected our top picks. But before we review those, you should know a few things about them:

  • KF94s are rated to filter out at least 94% of particulates
  • KF94 masks offer some breathing room and an adjustable nose wire
  • KF94 masks are “boat style” and have ear loops instead of head straps or ties

All of our wholesale face masks are proudly  in Türkey. The team are busily making additional masks as quickly as possible to keep our community safe and adhere to the new safety conditions imposed by government for COVID-19.If you would like to purchase bulk order of hand-made, reusable masks, use our form to reach out to us at We will respond as soon as possible. Expected wait time is up to 24 hours.

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