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Medizer full ultrasonic surgical mouth mask is sold as a wholesale surgical mask. Medizer mask fits your face perfectly and does not disturb. You can use it for long hours. The Medizer mask is lightweight and functional. Medizer mask is disposable and does not have washing feature. The mask does not irritate your skin, does not sweat and offers a practical use. The mask has 3 layers and is air permeable. The mask is easy to use as it has rubber laces. It is produced from a special fabric approved by the Ministry of Health and CE Certified, called Meltblown. The mask is meticulously produced using ultrasonic sewing.


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It is among the most sold and interpreted products among the masks sold in the marketplaces in Turkey. More than 1000000 people used the product and 100,000 people commented on the product. The product score average is 4.9 when marketplaces and cargo policy comments are released.

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Wholesale Surgical Masks :

Wholesale Surgical face masks were originally developed to contain and filter droplets containing microorganisms expelled from the mouth and pharynx of healthcare workers during surgery, thereby providing protection for the patient.

However, there are several ways in which wholesale surgical face masks could potentially contribute to contamination of the surgical wound.

A surgical face mask is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) that generally fits loosely over the nose and mouth. These masks shield against large cough or sneeze droplets, splashes, or sprays, but they cannot protect against smaller droplets.

People should refrain from sharing these masks, which can come with or without a face shield. Researchers Trusted Source acknowledge that the single use of a medical mask is not always feasible but note that it is preferable because long-term use and reuse could lead to self-contamination.

Surgeons and nurses performing clean surgery wear wholesale disposable face masks to prevent their breathing germs into the patients' wound. Medizer is a Disposable Mask Manufacturer with excellent quality.

How often to replace your surgical mask?

I see people re-wearing surgical masks too many times, and that’s a mistake. To minimize contamination from hands, you should try to keep on your mask as long as you can throughout the day. It’s recommended that you replace your surgical mask every 24 hours, and definitely whenever it’s visibly soiled or dirty. Between uses, you can keep it inside a clean paper bag.

Face masks are thought to reduce the number of post-operative wound infections. Incorrectly worn masks may increase the contamination of the wound. The review of trials found no clear evidence that wearing face masks increases or reduces the number of surgical wound infections. More research is needed.

Surgical masks are sometimes referred to as courtesy masks, suggesting that some people wear them for the same altruistic reason surgeons wear them: to stop others getting their germs. But as the studies in operating theatres show, this benefit is dubious. And given that many people describe the covid 19 as like being hit by a truck, it is unlikely that people will be strolling around town with a mask on when they’re at their most infectious – three to four days after symptoms begin. They’ll be tucked up in bed, sweating and aching.


One-way masks could stop you getting the covid 19 is by stopping your hand touching your mouth or nose. Aside from inhaling droplets, you can also get the covid 19 from touching anything with the Covid 19 virus on it – the armrests on public transport, say – and then touching your face. And people touch their faces a lot without even realizing it.

Keep oneself and others free from infectious diseases with the stylish and efficient wholesale face masks available on . Manufactured using the smoothest fabrics and designed by experts for an elegant appearance, these masks are sure to keep individuals away from infections, especially during outbreaks of infectious diseases.

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Wholesale Surgical Masks for Sale on Medizer

Easily find and buy wholesale surgical masks for sale from only top suppliers on Medizer today. Save more money buying bulk surgical masks here for your small businesses, hospitals, surgical centers, doctor offices, dental clinics, medical labs, clinical lands, college labs, and more. If you need surgical masks, we have you covered and have a large supply of all types of surgical masks in stock to ship regardless of your unique needs.

How To Dispose Your Surgical Face Mask :

Here are some simple steps! Improper disposal can result in exposure of germs to others as well as yourself. Help keep our brave front-liners 👷‍♂️like cleaners, garbage collectors and the general public safe in Medizer .

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