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As Medizer mask, we produce +10 colored masks, mainly black, white, blue, pink, surgical green, adult masks with +80 pattern options, child masks with +25 pattern options, and N95 masks with +20 pattern options. We perform the printing process with our own designs with UV printing technology.

Meltblown Fabric

As Medizer, we use high quality 85GR, 90GR, 95GR Meltblown fabrics that are easier to breathe in our surgical masks

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Buy Wholesale Surgical Mask :

The medical mask Medizer is Turkey's leading provider of civilian use medical top quality face masks. Our mission is very simple; Provide the very best products, at the very best prices with the very best service . it is that simple. We ensure that the PPE's that we provide from KN95 face masks, disposable surgical face masks and fashion face masks such as sequins and amazing graphic print masks, are a premium product that we are proud to offer.

Order wholesale mask Online:

Effective Weapon to Halt the Infection Transmission. Even in times of uncertainty, we put our best efforts to present the finest range of wholesale FFP2 mask for our customers to limit the spread of infection and illness. We work tirelessly to maintain an assortment of PPE products in the Europe that are durable in use, lightweight in nature, and easy to use.

Other features of the wholesale mask are as follows:

  • Approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, UTS is registered.
  • It has a weight of -85 grams of fabric.
  • Melt blown Certified domestic fabric
  • Suitable for use by healthcare personnel in Type2R Standards.
  • Elastic PP 1/3 stretchable quality earlobe, double-layered wide, which maximizes grip.
  • Nose Wire 17.5 x 9.5Cm universal size
  • Double-lid special design box Japanese Lid

Other features of the Medizer (Turkish mask producer) mask are as follows :

  • Medizer wholesale surgical mask contains a total of 100pcs masks in one package.
  • Medizer full ultrasonic surgical mouth mask is sold as a wholesale surgical mask.
  • Medizer mask fits your face completely and does not disturb. You can use it for long hours.
  • Medizer mask is lightweight and functional.
  • Medizer mask is disposable and has no washing feature.
  • The mask does not irritate your skin, does not sweat and offers a practical use.
  • The mask has 3ply Mask and has air permeability.
  • The mask is easy to use as it has rubber laces.

It is produced from a special fabric called Melt blown, approved by the Ministry of Health and has CE Certificate.
The mask is meticulously produced using ultrasonic sewing.

Our wholesale mask supplies are designed in accordance with international health standards and premium-grade material, combining the best industrial and technical processes to meet the safety needs of our customers. Our wholesale mask items are best suited for all environments, fits, and overall well-being of the community.

We have wholesale mask products for everyone, whether you’re working in risky settings like oil fields, industrial applications, construction fields, laboratories, or workplaces, or for the general public.

For businesses looking for wholesale FFP2 masks , the medical mask Medizer maintains some of the very best service levels with a commitment to send virtually all orders out the same day. That means you get your products fast and without delay.

We work hard to ensure that our reputation is the very best by genuine and honest service and commitment to the very best face masks and prices.

From in-demand and widely popular KN95 respirators, surgical mask , N95 and more, we have the right protective wholesale mask suppliers for you that you can buy in wholesale.

How you use the mask, as well as the masks you use, is one of the important factors affecting your protection. It is extremely important to put on and take off the medical mask correctly and to ensure hand hygiene during the donning and removal processes.

In order to get maximum efficiency from the wholesale surgical mask you use and to be well protected, you should pay attention to the following :

  • The front part of the mask, which includes the mouth, nose and chin, should never be touched.
  • If the front of the mask is accidentally touched, hands should be washed with soap for at least 20 seconds or rubbed with disinfectant, including between the fingers.
  • If the mask is torn, damp or dirty during use, it must be replaced with a new one.
  • Masks should never be used in common.
  • Before putting on the mask, hands should be cleaned by washing with soap for at least 20 seconds. In the absence of soap and water, hands should be disinfected with an alcohol-containing antiseptic.
  • The mask should be worn in such a way that it completely covers the nose, mouth and chin, without any gaps on the edges. No air passage should be allowed from the sides while wearing the mask.
  • When removing the mask, it should be removed without touching the front part that covers the mouth, nose and chin and is heavily contaminated.

We pride ourselves on making the customer experience as simple, easy, and painless as possible. If you are comfortable placing your order through our safe and secure website, feel free to order wholesale FFP2 Mask in any quantities you would like. If you are interested in placing very large orders, or would like to speak with our Sales Team before placing an order, please email and we will be happy to discuss any options.