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Wholesale N95 mask

3 Layer
Mouds series masks are produced from 3 layer, 95 grams of meltblown fabric.
TypeIIR Standart
Bacterial Filtration
Splash Resistance
Differential Pressure
beautiful design
Medizer mouds series medical masks are produced from 95 grams of meltblown fabric. It is offered to your liking with +80 pattern options. With Medizer Mouds series patterned masks, you can choose and use the pattern you want according to your mood.
50 or 10 pcs box
Medizer Mouds Series medical masks are packaged in boxes of 10 and 50. You can ask for the box option you want according to your needs. Masks are packed in 10 pieces with transparent gelatin. It is then placed in the mask box. In this way, maximum hygiene is provided.

Medizer Mouds Series

Medizer Mouds Series

Meet The fashionable, colorful, safety Medizer Mod Series Facemasks… With the Medizer Mouds Series Masks, you can protect yourself from the virus in a fashionable way with masksa in manya patense ant coplarsa suitable for your Daily mode. 
Unlike daily surgical masks, different colors and patterns are used in the production of the Mod Series. In the Mouds Series with +20 pattern options, you can use masks with the pattern you want on a daily basis. Today, most people prefer suitable masks with their clothes and shoes instead of using solid color masks. Moreover, colorful and patterned masks also help to eliminate the gloomy atmosphere of the pandemic period. All masks produced in the Medizer Mouds Series are disposable. Since it is disposable, it does not carry any health risk.

Medizer Mouds Mask Series Features
All masks produced by our company are produced in accordance with certain certificates and the conditions of the Ministry of Health. General features of mod series masks;
  • Medizer Mouds Facemask Models are produced from 3 different layers.
  • It weighs 95 grams. (Normal unpatterned masks weigh 85 grams. That is, there is only 10 grams of difference between patterned models.)
  • It is produced from meltblown fabric. You can find information about meltblown fabric at the bottom of the product description.
  • +20 pattern options are available.
  • The colors and printing technique used in making the patterns do not pose any health risks.
  • Our Masks provide 99% virus protection.
  • Medizer Mouds Facemask Models are produced from non-sweaty - non-irritating fabric.
  • Ultrasonic sewing technique is used. While this stitching technique makes the mask stronger, it also prevents the stitches from bothering you.
  • The rope or rubber part of the mask is produced in a way that completely covers the ears and does not tighten.

What is Meltblown Fabric?
A special type of fabric called “Meltblown” is used for face masks and medical masks with filtering feature. This type of fabric is a type of production method that involves spraying molten propylene onto the fabric surface. The spraying process creates very small fiber fibers on the surface of the fabric, and this surface acts as a kind of filtering method.

Medizer Mouds Mask Series Patterns
There are many different patterns for both men and women in the Mouds Series. Among the patterns I have +20 options;
  • Flower and plant figures,
  • Animal figures,
  • Minimal patterns,
  • Geometric shapes and abstract shapes are included.
Each pattern is printed in different colors. There are also common (unisex) models in the designs, regardless of gender.

Medizer Mouds Mask Series Wholesale
We wholesale all kinds of masks we produce to Turkey and the world. Customers in wholesale mask orders;
  • Fabric selection,
  • Piece selection,
  • Special pattern selection,
  • It can easily make the packaging selection. Packaging can be made optionally as 5, 10 or 50 pieces.
You can order wholesale Mouds Series masks on our website. For your special orders, you can contact us from the information on the contact page, get detailed information and create your orders.

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