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Brand specific logo printed medical masks are specially produced by medizer. Medizer logo printed masks are produced using 95 grams of meltblown fabric. It has 3 layers. Masks with brand logo for your brand's corporate give you prestige. All you have to do is send us your brand logo.
TypeIIR Standart
Bacterial Filtration
Splash Resistance
Differential Pressure

Medizer Brand Series

Medizer brand printed mask series are produced in accordance with the special color, pattern and logo requests of the companies.

The brand-printed mask series is generally preferred by corporate and large companies. You can choose brand series masks to protect the people working in the workplace, to prevent the spread of the virus, and to highlight your brand in the promotion areas. The brand series, which is generally used for promotional purposes, is made specifically for companies. The brand mask series, which includes the printing of the companies' own logos, colors and slogans, is taken in wholesale order.

Medizer Brand Mask Series Features

All materials and techniques used in the production of the Brand mask series consist of standards in accordance with the Ministry of Health. The coloring products and printing technique used do not pose any health problems. Features of the Brand mask series;

  • Medizer Brand Mask is produced from 3-layer meltblown fabric.
  • Face masks are produced in a hygienic environment without human touch.
  • Elastic ear floss is used in the production of the mask.
  • Our masks do not irritate the skin and do not sweat.
  • It completely covers the mouth and nose.
  • Provides %99 protection.
  • Masks have a weight of 95 grams.
  • The mask is easy to use.
  • Prints are made according to the request of the companies. Companies can choose different types of logos, colors or emblems for their masks.
  • Medizer Brand Mask has metal to grip the nose part.
  • Mezier Brand Masks are optionally packaged as single, 5-pack or 10-pack.

Before proceeding to the production process, companies request the print design. If you do not have a pre-prepared design, we also help you with this.

Medizer Brand Mask Series Prices

Brand mask series prices vary depending on the design, the number of pieces, the type of fabric used while producing the mask. Most companies may request that the fabric and tire cord part be made of special fabrics. Special prices may arise for such orders. We produce the masks we produce without touching. 

This prevents the spread of the virus in the process and provides full hygienic production. The facility where we produce the masks is regularly disinfected. After the masks are packed, disinfection is also carried out. If you want to order from the Medizer brand mask series and get detailed information about prices, you can contact us from the information on our contact page. When ordering, please note that the number of sub-production is +1000. In addition, when ordering, we inform you in detail about the dimensions of the design to be printed.

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