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Mask Series
The best surgical mask types and even trendy models.
3 Layers Mask
Medizer hospital series masks consist of 3 layers. Our masks are produced using 85 grams of meltblown fabric. Provides bacteria protection up to 99%. Color options are available in the hospital series masks.
TypeIIR Standart
Bacterial Filtration
Splash Resistance
Differential Pressure
50 or 10 pcs box
Medizer medical masks are packaged in boxes of 10 and 50. You can ask for the box option you want according to your needs. Masks are packed in 10 pieces with transparent gelatin. It is then placed in the mask box. In this way, maximum hygiene is provided.

Medizer Hospital Series

hospital mask

Medizer Hospital Series is produced to protect healthcare workers from the virus and to prevent the spread of the virus in sensitive locations such as hospitals and clinics.
Medizer Hospital Series face masks are produced from surgical masks. Today, healthcare workers are in the high-risk group within the scope of combating the corona virus.
One-to-one contact with infected patients and healthcare workers who spend time in an infected environment must wear masks, protection and gloves. Surgical daily masks and N95 mask types are generally used in the hospital. Especially in the parts where the virus is treated, N95 mask should be used.

In order to meet the mask needs of healthcare workers around the world, we produce in our Turkey-based factory and sell to many countries. Our hospital series includes color,3 Ply , N95 mask options. Generally, hospitals prefer white and green mask colors. However, female healthcare workers may also prefer pink mask color.

Medizer Hospital Mask Series Features
  • Medizer Hospital Series Masks are disposable products. For your health, face masks should be discarded after use.
  • Medizer Hospital Series Masks are 3-Layered.
  • Face masks are produced from Melt blown fabric. This special fabric, prevents viruses, pathogens and nano particles from you. 
  • Masks are produced by ultrasonic sewing method.
  • It provides 99% protection.
  • Mask ropes or elastics are made in a suitable size that will not irritate the skin.
  • Mask weight is 85 grams.
  • Fabric dye, yarn and other materials / colored fabrics used in mask coloring completely comply with health standards.
  • The surgical hospital mask series is packaged in packages of 5, 10 or 50.

Medizer Hospital Mask Series Color Options

Color options include white, blue, green and pink.
  • White color code = MB101
  • Pink color code = MB102
  • Blue color code = MB103
  • Green color code = MB104 is named with mask names.

Medizer Wholesale Hospital Mask Series

You can place a wholesale order for all mask types produced by our brand. You can easily order masks in the color, fabric and features you want via our website or by contacting us at the numbers on our contact page. We provide wholesale mask sales service to many countries of the world, especially Turkey. Mask packaging is made according to your request. Optionally, orders are delivered in packaged boxes containing 5,10,50 masks. For wholesale orders, the number of sub-pieces is +1000. For more detailed information, you can contact our customer representative, if you wish, you can easily create an order.

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