Masks and COVID-19

Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 is the objective of most governments. It is of utmost importance to understand how effective various public health measures are. Weighing various estimates, we conclude that 20 d after becoming mandatory face masks have reduced the number of new infections by around 45%.

As economic costs are close to zero compared to other public health measures, masks seem to be a cost-effective means to combat COVID-19.

Three meters are not enough to ensure protection. Even at that distance, it takes less than five minutes for an unvaccinated person standing in the breath of a person with Covid-19 to become infected with almost 100 percent certainty.

 That's the bad news. The good news is that if both are wearing well-fitting medical or, even better, N95 masks, the risk drops dramatically. In the process, the researchers determined the maximum risk of infection for numerous situations and considered several factors that have not been included in similar studies to date.

well-fitting medical masks

As high as the risk of infection is without mouth-nose protection, medical or N95 masks protect effectively. N95 masks are particularly effective in filtering infectious particles from the air breathed - especially if they are as tightly sealed as possible at the face.

If both the infected and the non-infected person wear well-fitting N95 masks, the maximum risk of infection after 20 minutes is hardly more than one per thousand, even at the shortest distance. If their masks fit poorly, the probability of infection increases to about four percent.

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 If both wear well-fitting medical masks, the virus is likely to be transmitted within 20 minutes with a maximum probability of ten percent. The study also confirms the intuitive assumption that for effective protection against infection, in particular the infected person should wear a mask that filters as well as possible and fits tightly to the face.

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