Can a surgical mask be cleaned and reused?

Health authorities say the most widespread anti-COVID weapon—surgical masks—must be thrown away after a single use, but environmental concerns are pushing some scientists to question this recommendation.

Similarly, the question around the disposal and reusability of these masks is also important. Surgical masks, which are one of the most comfortable masks to wear are suggested for single use by the health authorities.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, masks have in many places become mandatory on public transport, in shops and at work. 

Other methods to purify single-use masks include exposing them to high temperatures or ultraviolet radiation.

Experts say N95  face masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing a barrier to catch virus-containing respiratory droplets.
However, a contaminated mask might also potentially spread the disease.
Masks  should  be thrown away after use.Mask shouldn't be cleaned and reused.

Proper care of  face masks

Wash your hands before removing your mask. 

Then remove the mask, being careful not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

Hold the mask by the ear loops.

Disposable masks that become dirty or wet should be thrown away immediately.