The use of surgical mask and fabric mask and its effect on facial acne

The use of masks or shields has become mandatory in public places and the workplace, and for this reason, many people have witnessed the appearance of pimples and acne around their faces. Maybe you have noticed acne around your nose and mouth. This type of pimples that are caused by using a mask is called Maxen, which is a new term to describe the pimples caused by wearing a mask.

Sweating, sticky and moist skin after using and wearing the mask for a few hours is completely normal. This can become an ideal environment for overproduction of sebum and bacteria, which can clog pores and cause acne and breakouts. For this reason, face mask and acne have a direct relationship with each other, in other words, the more you wear a mask, the more likely it is that your face acne will increase. But you should not worry because there are many ways to treat it.

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Solutions to prevent boils

At the beginning of wearing the mask, sweat, fats and moisture on the skin of the face increase and can remain on the skin throughout the day. When bacteria form under the mask, they can easily penetrate the skin through friction and due to the pressure of the mask on the face, inflammation will eventually cause acne.

Wash your face regularly

It is better to wash your face well before and after removing the mask to remove the bacteria. For this, it is better to use a facial cleanser that does not irritate or dry the skin, for example, you can use face wash gels.Homemade masks can also be useful for cleaning the skin without using chemicals. Apple cider vinegar, honey, coconut oil, etc. can be very effective for this.

Skin exfoliation

Using surgical mask can cause bacteria to form on the skin. Removing dead skin cells and bacteria from the face is very important to prevent and treat acne. The best way to do this is to exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove impurities and unclog pores.

Use a natural moisturizer

It is very important for the skin to be moist when using the mask and it can prevent dryness and itching. Also, by using a good moisturizer, you can create a physical barrier between the skin against bacteria, which can prevent their penetration.
One of the best natural moisturizers is coconut oil. This oil contains lauric acid, which has antibacterial properties.

Avoid eating fatty foods

Be careful that the skin will be fresher and more beautiful if you avoid eating fatty foods. In general, processed foods, fried foods, sugars, ordinary dairy products and drinks containing sugar such as soft drinks, can have bad effects on your facial skin and cause acne.

Use a clean wholesale surgical mask

wholesale surgical mask can be used for a limited time and you should not use them repeatedly during the week. Do not put your mask in your bag or car because they can absorb bacteria in the air and transfer them to your skin after use.
If you use cloth masks, be sure to wash them after use, and if you use disposables, only use each one for one day to avoid contaminating your face while using the mask.