If you use a N95 mask, how much will be the transmission of the corona virus ?

One of the protective measures against contracting and preventing the transmission of the corona virus among people is to use a mask. In the latest guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization, it is emphasized on the use of masks for all people in public places, especially in crowded places.

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Now the question that arises is, to what extent can masks prevent the spread of the virus and how effective are they?

The results of a study in Hong Kong showed that the rate of transmission of the new corona virus through respiratory droplets or airborne particles is reduced by 75% when using medical masks. The results of another study show that if medical masks are used correctly, the possibility of spreading the virus from the respiratory area of people is reduced by 100%, and if 80% of people use masks in public places, there will be no possibility of virus transmission.

However, the information available in this field is not yet complete and the figures provided regarding the effect of the mask on the transmission rate cannot be relied upon. Some non-documentary materials published in cyberspace have tried to quantify the effects of using masks, for example, it has been said:"If a healthy person wears a mask and comes in contact with a carrier who is not wearing a mask, the probability of transmission is 70%, or if a healthy person does not wear a mask or comes in contact with a carrier who is wearing a mask, the possibility of transmission is 5%, and if each If they wear two masks, the possibility of transmitting the virus is 1.5%.

But according to the available evidence, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not confirmed the quantification of the effects of wearing a mask and called it "relatively wrong" and currently no such information is available. Some studies like the ones above have been conducted on the effectiveness of using masks, but none of them provide enough evidence to prove such claims.

So far, none of the health authorities have supported these claims. The World Health Organization has also stated that wearing a mask alone is not enough and that wearing a mask should be done along with frequent and proper hand washing. Many experts have even expressed concern about improper use of the wholesale sergical mask, such as touching it and not washing hands before and after using the mask, which can increase the risk of virus transmission.

Scientific findings indicate the effectiveness of wearing a mask correctly against the corona virus epidemic, and reputable health organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control also emphasize this issue, and wearing homemade cloth masks is also recommended if The basis of valid guidelines is to prepare and wash and use it in the correct way, it has a favorable effect, but there is no reliable information and evidence in the field of quantification of the transmission rate of the corona virus in case of using or not using a N95 mask, and so far none of the organizations Health authorities have not supported such claims.

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