Types of masks for dentists

In July 2020, the World Health Organization officially announced the mode of transmission of the Covid-19 disease through aerosols. Before that, several studies had proved the airborne transmission of this virus. This method of transmission is especially important when people are in close contact with each other for a long time.

Masks play an important role in the health of today's world. Many medical professions depend on masks to prevent disease. There is a wide variety of masks, each of which is produced for a specific purpose. A breathing mask in dentistry is known as a surgical mask. This type of mask is very widely used in the medical industry. In the rest of this article, we are going to introduce you to the types of masks for dentists to use.

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The scales that are used in the field of medicine and dentistry have a wide and diverse spectrum, each of which is designed for specific purposes. In dentistry, a breathing mask is normally used as a surgical mask. In fact, surgical masks are the most widely used masks used in dentistry and other medical professions. Because they provide the necessary protection against pathogens in normal conditions.


Is it enough to use a regular mask alone?

The use of appropriate respiratory protection equipment is only one part of the protocol to combat the spread of diseases; The other part refers to the multi-layer measures of infection control, such as washing the mouth before performing treatment procedures and using high-volume suction tools in order to reduce the aerosol load from the patient's mouth.

In addition, the respiratory protective equipment used must have the ability to filter the virus. In other words, when using a surgical mask, you should consider the function of the mask and choose only those masks that get a high score for the efficiency of filtering particles with a size of 0.1-0.2 microns.

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What is a surgical mask respirator?

Respiratory masks for surgery are professional masks that have the ability to block the path of many infectious agents and small bacteria. The three-layered nature of this mask prevents the passage of pathogens into the body. Staff and dentists usually use this type of mask during surgery or other dental procedures. It is interesting to know that the use of a surgical respiratory mask has a very good effect on the prevention of diseases.

The noteworthy point is that this type of mask cannot completely prevent the entry of bacteria. For 100% prevention, other types of masks should be used. Be sure to pay attention to the size of your face and the size of the mask when choosing a mask; Because if the mask is not the right size, pathogens can enter your respiratory tract.

 N95 masks

N95 masks , which are recommended in the guidelines of the World Health Organization for protection against the Covid-19 disease.

These masks have a filtration percentage of at least 94%, and it has been reported that up to 8% of air leaks into the mask with these respirators.

These masks are not completely designed to suit the shape of people's faces; However, they can be easily fixed in place using a rubber band. In addition, these masks can be used for 3 to 8 hours depending on environmental factors.

Types of masks suitable for dentists

In this type of breathing mask model, there are several layers of active carbon, which prevents the penetration of the smell of various pollutants and harmful air gases into the mask.

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In the end, according to the introduction of breathing masks in dentistry, you should pay attention to which type of mask is suitable for your work as a dentist. In fact, it is very important to choose the right type of mask for the dental office.

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