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Kids Series

Mask Series
The best surgical mask types and even trendy models. You will never get bored while using it.
3 Layers Mask
Medizer kids series medical masks have 3 layers. Classic colors are produced using 85 grams of meltblown fabric. Patterned masks are produced from 95 grams of meltblown fabric. Masks are produced with a single machine technology without touching.
TypeIIR Standart
Bacterial Filtration
Splash Resistance
Differential Pressure
Pattern Series
For the Medizer kids series, our graphic designers create special designs that will be appreciated by children. Special designs for boys and girls are in the medizer kids series. Kids series masks are 3-layer and made of 95 grams of meltblown fabric.
50 or 10 pcs box
Medizer Kids Series medical masks are packaged in boxes of 10 and 50. You can ask for the box option you want according to your needs. Masks are packed in 10 pieces with transparent gelatin. It is then placed in the mask box. In this way, maximum hygiene is provided.

Medizer Kids Series

Medizer Kids Series Medizer children's mask series has been specially produced to enable children to easily adapt to the use of masks and have fun. There are many colors and patterns in the children's series. The age group that has difficulty in using masks is usually children. For this reason, manufacturers in the world and in our country are trying to produce mask types in patterns and colors that will attract the attention of children. It is difficult for children to acquire the habit of using masks as they get bored quickly and are always on the go. The patterns chosen in colorful and patterned children's masks usually consist of objects, characters or cartoon characters that will attract their attention. In the coloring or production of the fabrics, no material or material that would risk the health of children was used. The materials used in the production of the children's series consist of products that will not harm the health of children. Medizer Kids Mask Series Features Medizer Children's Mask Series are produced in a hygienic environment without human touch. Masks are sewn with ultrasonic sewing technology. Mask fabric is preferred from 3-layer Meltblown fabric. The weight of children's masks consists of 95 grams. Ear floss is made of elastic thread called PP 1/3. Child mask dimensions: It consists of 14.5 x 8.5 cm. Medizer Children's Mask Series has a nose wire to provide a good grip. There are different color and pattern options. Color and pattern options are suitable for both male and female genders. The most important point to be considered in children's masks is that the mask is disposable. Washable mask types do not provide full protection. In addition, printing and coloring on it poses health risks. For this reason, it is necessary to choose disposable ones when choosing colored and patterned masks. Wholesale Kids Mask Series Production in the wholesale children's mask series can also be made specially according to the buyer's request. We carry out wholesale production and sales operations to many countries of the world, especially Turkey. The minimum quantity limit for wholesale mask orders is +1000. The packaging of children's masks can also be made upon request. The minimum number of packaging is 5 and the maximum number is 50. You can also choose the fabric of the mask when ordering. Medizer is a company with high customer satisfaction in mask production with its quality and price range in the market. To order wholesale children's mask series, you can contact us from the information on the contact page. In addition, you can perform both bulk and single purchase transactions on our website.

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