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Medizer Color series color full ultrasonic surgical face mask, Does not irritate your skin, does not swerat and offers a practical use. The product hast 3 layer of surface and is air permeable. Medizer color series color full ultrasonic surgical mask ıs rubber laced and easy to use. Medizer color series color full ultrasonic surgical mouth mask is made of a Special fabric called meltblown. Manufactured using ultrasonic stitchin and has 3 layers.
TypeIIR Standart
Bacterial Filtration
Splash Resistance
Differential Pressure
50 or 10 pcs box
Medizer Color Series medical masks are packaged in boxes of 10 and 50. You can ask for the box option you want according to your needs. Masks are packed in 10 pieces with transparent gelatin. It is then placed in the mask box. In this way, maximum hygiene is provided.

Medizer Color Series

Medizer surgical Color mask Series 

Single-use N95 respirators are critical to protect staff and patients from airborne infections, but shortages may occur during disease outbreaks and other crisis situations. Wearing an N95 respirator for hours at a time (i.e., extended wear) or reusing a respirator several times (i.e., donning and doffing between uses) are practices used to ease shortages. The potential risks and benefits of these practices may vary greatly across locations and may evolve rapidly during a crisis.

A surgical mask is a loose-fitting, removable system providing a protective shield in the immediate area between the wearer's mouth and nose, and possible pollutants. It should also be noticed that the margins of the mask are not meant to create a seal across the mouth and nose. Such masks may not be exchanged, and can be classified as masks of anesthesia, separation, dental or surgical treatment.

The most critical aspect about surgical masks to note is that they aren't built to satisfy a suit examination. When several surgical masks are used, there may be holes around the edges which will cause several tiny particles to reach the wearer's respiratory system.

An N95 respirator is a pulmonary safety system built to ensure a very near facial suit and quite effective atmospheric debris filtration. It should also be remembered that the respirator's margins are built to create a barrier across the mouth and nose.

The N95 respirator is built to eliminate particular diseases or pathogens, and is branded or else can be described as filtering surgical fumes / droplets, filtering different quantities destroying virus or bacteria, reducing the quantity of virus, bacteria or fungi slaughtering, or influencing allergenicity. Either the external and second inner layers are handled with specific substances that inhibit.

N95 respirators have two benefits over plain fabric or surgical masks; they are > 95 percent effective in removing 0.3-μm molecules (less than the 5-μm size of broad droplets produced through speech, coughing, and sneezing that normally spread influenza) and are checked to ensure contagious droplets and contaminants don't really leak across the mask.


 Surgical Color mask Series 

With the Medizer surgical Colour Mask Serie, you can get a more colourful look by avoiding the classic mask look. The most important feature of the Medizer Coloured Mask Serie is that you can match your face mask and your clothes with the different colour options it offers.

When it comes to surgical masks, the first thing that comes to mind is white masks. Surgical masks, also known as white masks, are now produced by different manufacturers in all colours in accordance with certain standards. Coloured masks are generally used more by women, children and young people. While women prefer to wear masks that match their outfits, young people prefer colourful masks because they look more dynamic and younger.

 Families, on the other hand, prefer coloured face masks to encourage their children to wear masks. It is of great importance that the fabric dye used in the production of coloured masks is suitable for health conditions. All materials used in the production of Medizer Coloured Mask Series are produced under hygienic production conditions in accordance with the standards set by the World Health Organization and CDC.


Medizer surgical Colour Mask Series Features

All of our surgical and disposable masks have certain features, are approved by the Ministry of Health and comply with the necessary conditions. Features of the colour mask series;

  • Medizer Coloured Masks are produced with 3 layers. The fabric used in each layer has a quality and filtering feature, and they have different functions from each other.
  • The lace part of the product is made of rubber material.
  • Medizer Colour Mask Series It is produced from non-irritating and sweat-proof fabric.
  • It is produced from high quality “melt blown” fabric with high filtering feature.
  • Ultrasonic sewing technique is used in sewing masks.
  • Medizer Colour Mask Series Masks have a very light structure, weighing 95 grams.
  • Coloured mask series are produced in separate sizes for children and adults.
  • It filters 99%.
  • There are 10 different colour options.
  • Production and packaging are done in packages of 5 or 10.


Medizer Wholesale surgical Colour Mask Series

Medizer also carries out wholesale operations in coloured and all other serial mask types. We sell masks in Turkey and all over the world. In wholesale mask sales, fabric preference and packaging preference can also be made according to special requests.

In wholesale mask orders, the minimum number is 1000. You can place your wholesale colour mask orders as +1000. You can order wholesale orders for the Medizer coloured mask series via our website or by contacting us via the information on the contact page. It is possible to reach your questions about the Medizer Coloured Mask Series on the blog of our site.

Wholesale mask sales prices vary depending on the reasons such as fabric, thread, print or colour preference. We sell wholesale mask prices with the best and reliable prices in the market. For detailed information and order, you can contact us at 0212 909 44 44 or at .


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