Corona Turned İnto “Severe Flu!”

                     Experts worn: The mask can rotate

        Due to highly contagious sub-variants of Omikron, the number of cases and hospitalization increased. While the cases survived the disease in the form of severe flu, the reason for the spread is the increase in activity with the holiday period.

        The increase in Covid19 cases from many countries, especially  European countries, started to be followed by the Ministry of Health and Scientist. It is stated that the transmission rate of cases connected to BA4 and BA5 type viruses, which are  sub-variants of  Omikron, is high.

          While these  developments were taking place, it was learned that there has been an increase in the number of  applicants to hospitals in the last month.

           It was done by a specialist doctor according to reviews, especially severe flu and colds in hospitals in metropolitan cities recently Coronavirus detection in the majority of applicants.

           Experts have determined that the normal expectations are the “fading” of Coronavirus cases towards the middle of the summer, but it has not reached this point and has an upward trend. However, it was stated that the developments are being followed and there is no situation to worry about yet.

            It is stated that the cases may increase slightly in small provinces due to travels to coastal cities and countries after the school holidays.Experts note that data such as whether the current vaccines will respond to the variant, which will become dominant in the autumn, will be important, such as the rate of transmission and the date rate.

            Depending on the developments,it is stated that the mask requirement may return, especially in closed spaces, in the fall.

             An increase in the number of Covid19 cases was observed in the UK, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and the Netherlands.

              Experts say the reason for this is the new variants called BA4 and BA5 which are more contagious than the previous ones.

              As of June 18,477 new cases per 100 thousand people were seen in France. In Germany, the number of cases seen in 100 thousand people in the last 7 days has exceeded 400.

                Experts said people should be more cautious against these increasing cases. For this, mask, distance and cleaning rules must be followed. Experts stated that it would be appropriate for them to use n95 masks, surgical masks, etc. for respiratory protection.