Cough Can Be a Sign Of Covid-19

Today, although many people think that the pandemic is over, the process continues. So much so that in some countries there is still quarantine, etc.strict measures are underway. As such, the problem of Covid-19 has an important place in our lives. Therefore, protecting  ourselves and those around us again becomes critical.

Recently, so to speak, many people show signs of illness while they are in the flu/cold season. Experts draw attention to this situation and state that cough, which is one of these symptoms, can also indicate Covid-19. In other words, the cough that you think of as a normal flu may actually be a sign of Covid-19.

Cough is an action developed by the body to protect itself, and it can also be an indicator of Covid-19. Experts recommend that if the cough is not temporary, that is, if it lasts for a long time, a health care provider should be consulted. Another recommended issue is that everyone should continue to apply personal precautions in this process, whether they show signs or not. Compliance with the hygiene rules, distance and mask, which have been said since the first periods of the pandemic, appear at this point as three main measures. Especially, the mask has a special importance in order to protect both sides from the contagious effect of the disease.

           The İmportance of Using a Mask When Coughing Symptom is Shown

As mentioned, cough is an action developed by the body to protect itself from germs. One of the main ways to protect against highly contagious diseases such as Covid-19 is to wear masks, both for the person showing the symptoms of the disease and for other individuals. In this way, it will be possible to protect both parties from the effects of the disease as much as possible. Another question that is asked is what kind of mask should be used for protection. At this point, you can use a standard medical mask, or you can choose the N95/FFP2 mask, which we can call the most comfortable mask in the world. These masks, which are especially useful for long term protection, are also very reliable in conditions of  protection rate.

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