The Effects of the New Covid-19 Quarantine in China on The World

          Covid-19 which affected the world, had an impact on human life at many points from economy to social life. The disease, whose effects still continue, was tried to be controlled with the use of medical masks and vaccination.The disease, in which many deaths were experienced, had become so to speak the nightmare of humanity and serious studies have been done on this.

       When we look at it, Covid-19 which is thought to have reduced its effects in other words, which is thought to be not as dangerous as before, even taking its place in the literature as a normal flu by some circles, still continues. While some countries reduce controls for the ongoing pandemic process as a danger, others are still trying to manage this process with strict measures. China is one of the countries that continues to try to control the disease with strict measures.

      Today,  China stands out not only with its population reaching a very high figure, but also with being a very important production center of the world. For this reason, the continuation of the pandemic process in China and even the continuation of the quarantine application in places is a great concern for other countries. Both economic reasons and the possibility of the spread of the disease are among the reasons for this concern. Moreover, the failure of the “Zero Covid” application implemented in the country and the increase in the number of cases have increased this concern even more.

      While the effects of the Chinese Vaccine are questioned more quickly than other vaccines, the public has begun to react against the increasing tight measure. While the public thinks that the quarantine process is no longer effective in fighting the disease, the country’s economy is losing strength day by day with the pandemic.

     While this situation in China has led countries to think about the pandemic again and to take various measures, it has confronted the fear that the economy will gain momentum in the downward direction. In fact, the profitable sectors of the pandemic, especially the wholesale manufacturers of face masks, have started to make preparations again. Because in the fight against Covid-19 the use of surgical masks, personal hygiene and vaccination are still effective weapons. Especially since the fact that masks should be used once and thrown away after use is an important detail, as a result of developments this situation has mobilized wholesale medical mask manufacturers.

      If the subject of medical masks will be discussed in more detail,it is important that the masks in the topic are disposable, the type of material they are made of and that they are breathable. In particular, the use of two and three layer masks will be suitable. In terms of comfortable use, the N95 Mask is quıte good for long journeys. These masks, which are considered the most 

comfortable masks in the world, are of high quality and reliable.

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