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Mask Product Catalog

Mask Product Catalog

                 Dear Medizer friends!
It is a pleasure for us to prepare the highest quality and protective masks for you during and after the pandemic. You can see all our varieties, patterns and ultra-protective masks in our 2022 product catolog now.
When you examine our catolog, you will see many masks, especially medical masks and n95Mask, FFP2 Masks. Our masks in this catolog, prepared with great care, will attract you with their effective protection as well as the variety of their patterns.
In our catolog,  you can find all kinds of preliminary information you want to know about medical masks, N95 mask, FFP2 Mask, hospital series, color series, mood's series, childre's series, brand series masks.
When you examine our catolog products, you will not be able to stop yourself from buying a mask. We believe in Medizer mask quality and assurance.
                 Because we know this business well.

We have been looking for a good mask during the pandemic. It was hard to find. Prices are 15-20 times higher than before pandemic. Consedering that it was too much, we almost wrapped our mouths with toilet paper and even a diaper.
During this period, Medizer showed the whole world how to properly make masks from Turkey.  Normal conditions, with products with higher protection than should be in certain standards, I think it played an important role in getting over covid.

Hospital Surgical Mask Series

It is type2R  standards that should be. Filtering without using Meltblown in today's conditions the masks, which are very  diffucult, unfortunately are far below the standards. Type2R means hospital, surgical and we can say that is suitable for the operating environment. Medizer Hospital Series 85 gr Meltblown filtered. It provides an average of 98.9% protection . This should be the minumum standard for Medical Mask  Production at this time.

Color Medical Masks Series

Colors reflect us. It tells us. Colors excite us. A time when we feared the pandemic Medizer brightened our faces. Nobility of navy blue, joy of yellow, charm of purple and in addition 7 more colors. We smiled under these colors with a warm smile to the world. Medizer color medical masks will bring you a warmer spring. In 85 gr and Type2R standards.

Mouds Medical Masks Series

Standard masks  were not for us.White, blue, green they are for doctors:) We always want to express ourselves. We want to wear a mask according to our mood everywhere and on different day. This is where Mouds was born. If a slogan is nedeed, we can say fashion by mode. Medizer is not only a medical mask manufacturer, but also a good fashion follower. If we are looking for a mask suitable for the day in many colors and patterns, which Medizer is it just today?  it starts with the question. Thanks to the designer team who saved us from boring masks during the pandemic period.

Kids Mask Series

It is a product we've never heard of before pandemic.The pandemic has perhaps most affected children emotionally. It is more diffucult for them to wear masks than for us. Medizer will once again entertain children in Type2R design may be he made them like wearing masks a little  bit with his design. Little Bears, Cute Cats, Princesses, Heroes Medizer kids masks were produced. It is diffucult to be a child medical mask manufacturer but it's our job to make them smile.

Brand Series

Brands want to be strong. They don't give up their institutionalism. The presence of logos shows their representative power. Don't ask if corporateness is in the mask . It would be very nice too. Masks are now the new areas for corporate employees and companies to express themselves. Masks tell you.